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New Hampshire Loli

Soyons des lolita ensemble!

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NH is a tiny state, but I can't seriously be the only loli!
A New Hampshire Lolita Story

Once upon a time, a lonely lolita sat sipping hot chocolate in her favorite bakery. Pondering her solitude, she was struck with a thought: am I the only rori in my entire state?!

New Hampshire is a very small state in the US, with just over 1 million people, and most of the state is very rural. It may not be a hub of fashion and culture, but that doesn't stop girls from living the lolita life. So where are they hiding?

Please note that this community is not very active. It's more of just a "roll call" to say "yes, I too am a NH Lolita". Maybe someday we'll, um, do things?

If you want to participate in local lolita meet-ups, try the boston_lolita community. They're quite active and more than welcoming to us Northerners!

If you have any suggestions for this community, feel free to make them!